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Scientific literature - a selection

Between the early 2000s and 2020, more than 15 000 research articles including the keyword biochar were published in academic journals. In 2020, about 4000 articles were published. This corresponds to more than 10 new articles every day. At this rate, it is literally impossible - for researchers as well as individuals - to read all the research that exists on biochar.

Therefore, we suggest below few major references, grouped by topics (click to expand):

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This list was last updated on 2022-01-20.

Our publications

Below, we list publications from our research group at KTH and SLU, and other collaborations (click to expand).

  • Zakrisson, L., Azzi, E. S., & Sundberg, C. (2023). Climate impact of bioenergy with or without carbon dioxide removal: influence of functional unit and parameter variability. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment.

  • Karan, S. K., Osslund, F., Azzi, E. S., Karltun, E., & Sundberg, C. (2023). A spatial framework for prioritizing biochar application to arable land: A case study for Sweden. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 189, 106769.

  • Kätterer, T., Roobroeck, D., Kimutai, G. et al. Maize grain yield responses to realistic biochar application rates on smallholder farms in Kenya. Agron. Sustain. Dev. 42, 63 (2022).

  • Azzi, E. S., Karltun, E., & Sundberg, C. (2022). Life cycle assessment of urban uses of biochar and case study in Uppsala, Sweden. Biochar, 4(1), 18.

  • Papageorgiou, A., Azzi, E. S., Enell, A., & Sundberg, C. (2021). Biochar produced from wood waste for soil remediation in Sweden: carbon sequestration and other environmental impacts. Science of The Total Environment, 145953.

  • Mahmoud, Y., Njenga, M., Sundberg, C., & Roing de Nowina, K. (2021). Soils, sinks, and smallholder farmers: Examining the benefits of biochar energy transitions in Kenya. Energy Research & Social Science, 75, 102033.

  • Azzi, E. S., Karltun, E., & Sundberg, C. (2021). Assessing the diverse environmental effects of biochar systems: An evaluation framework. Journal of Environmental Management, 286, 112154.

  • Azzi, E. S., Karltun, E., & Sundberg, C. (2021). Small-scale biochar production on Swedish farms: A model for estimating potential, variability, and environmental performance. Journal of Cleaner Production, 280, 124873.

  • Azzi, E. S., Karltun, E., & Sundberg, C. (2019). Prospective life cycle assessment of large-scale biochar production and use for negative emissions in Stockholm. Environmental Science & Technology, 53(14), 8466–8476.

To keep up to date with our work, follow Google Scholar and university publication profiles from our team members, e.g. Cecilia Sundberg (SLU), Azzi Elias, Lisa Zakrisson.

*Peer-reviewed publications containing the keyword biochar published annually, as indexed in Scopus*
Peer-reviewed publications containing the keyword biochar published annually, as indexed in Scopus


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